January 2022


Many children go through stages in their environment where they exhibit behaviour that others find unacceptable. Biting is a very unpleasant form of behaviour that is present in young children, especially where language is an issue and they are frustrated. Children are sometimes unable to express their feelings so display this in diverse ways which can be biting. Temper tantrums are another form of behaviour that most children go through. Happily, just as temper tantrums eventually diminish with age, so does biting.
Little Crickets Day Care always follows the same procedures in the event of a child being bitten. Our procedures are as follows:
• To comfort the bitten child and administer suitable First Aid.
• To explain to the biting child why biting is unacceptable, that it hurts the child and show them the mark or bruise
• Remove the biting child from the circumstances that provoked the biting for a brief period of time.
• We will always inform the parents of the bitten child
• We will always inform the parents of the child who has been bitten and try and provide strategies for dealing with the incident if it occurs at home or elsewhere.
• To discuss with other staff members the incidents concerned and evaluate and monitor the situation for the future.
• In a small minority of cases where the biting is persistent to the point of serious concern, it may be appropriate to seek help and advice from other professionals. This however will only be done with the consent of the parents/carer
• It is not in the nursery policy to ‘expel’ a child for this type of behaviour as this only removes the child and does not address the problem.
Staff members will not disclose the identity of the child that has bitten or the bitten child as it is vital that confidentiality is maintained.

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Day Care Manager.