January 2022



Little Crickets Day Care is committed to providing equality of opportunity for all children and families and we take positive action to eliminate discrimination in all areas of our work. It is the aim of our policy to ensure that no job applicants, employee or worker is discriminated against on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religious believe, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age or disability.


At Little Crickets we work to relevant legislation including the:

Disability Discrimination Act (1995)

Race Relations Act (1976)

Sex Discriminations Act (1986)

Children Act (1989)


We also have regard for the recommendations of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report (2000)


Our belief is that the Day Care activities should be open to all children and families, and to all adults committed to the care and education of those children.

We aim to ensure that all persons involved in this Day Care from people who wish to work in our setting to volunteers have an equal chance to do so.


Admissions Procedures


  1. Little Crickets is open to every family in the immediate and surrounding Communities, this is ensured by advertisements locally.

  2. Little Crickets has a clear Admissions Policy

  3. The waiting list operates on a space allocation basis. Therefore if Little Crickets has a space that accommodates you and your family then the space will be offered to you. If this is impossible due to limited spaces then you will be placed on a waiting list until the space becomes available.

  4. Families and staff joining Little Crickets will all be made aware of our policy for promoting equal opportunities and this policy will be reviewed regularly.


Employment Procedures


  1. Any vacancies will be advertised. Little Crickets will follow the  procedures for recruitment by short listing, interviewing and induction.

  2. We will adopt a consistent, non-discriminatory approach to the advertising of vacancies.

  3. Promotion and advancement will be made on merit and all decisions relating to this will be made within the overall framework and principles of this policy.

  4. Little Crickets will appoint the best person for each job without discrimination and will treat fairly all applicants for jobs and those appointed.

  5. When employed at Little Crickets all staff will be treated fairly using the

  6. Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures. Little Crickets Group management will not favour one over another.

  7. Short listing and interviewing will be carried out by more than one person where possible.

  8. All applicants who apply for jobs with us will receive fair treatment and will be considered solely on their ability to do the job.

  9. Interview questions will be related to the requirements of the job and will not be of a discriminatory nature.

  10. Selection decisions will not be influenced by any perceived prejudices of other staff.



The Day Care recognises that many different types of family group can and do successfully love and care for their children. We aim to offer support to all families.




Our aim is to show respectful awareness of all the major events in the lives of the children and families in the Day Care and in our society as a whole, and to welcome the diversity of backgrounds from which they come. In order to achieve this;


  • We aim to acknowledge all the festivals which are celebrated in our area and by the families involved in the Day Care

  • Without indoctrination in any specific faith, children will be made aware of the festivals which are being celebrated by their own families or others, and will be   introduced where appropriate to the stories behind the festival

  • Children and families who celebrate at home festivals with which the rest of the Day Care is not familiar will be invited to share their festival with the rest of the group, if they themselves wish to do so

  • Children will become familiar with and enjoy taking part in a range of festivals, together with the stories, celebrations and special food and clothing they involve, as part of the diversity of life

The Curriculum


All children will be respected and their individuality and potential recognised, valued and nurtured. Activities and the use of play equipment offer children opportunities to develop in an environment free from prejudice and discrimination. Management of resources within the Day Care will ensure that both girls and boys have full access to all kinds of activities and equipment and are equally encouraged to enjoy and learn from them.  Appropriate opportunities will be given to children to explore, acknowledge and value similarities and differences between themselves and others





These will be chosen to give the children a balanced view of the world and an appreciation of the rich diversity of our multi-racial society.  Materials will be selected to help children to develop their self-respect and to respect other people by avoiding stereotypes and by using images and words which reflect positively the contribution of all members of society.


Special Needs


Little Crickets Day Care recognises that children have a wide range of special needs which differ from time to time, and will consider what part it can play in meeting those needs as they arise. Planning for the Day Care meetings and events will take into account the needs of people with special educational needs and disabilities.



Discriminatory Behaviour/Remarks


Any discriminatory language, behaviour or remarks by children, parents, staff or any other adults are unacceptable in this setting. Our response will aim to demonstrate support for the victim(s), to help those responsible to understand and overcome their prejudices and to make it clear that such behaviour/remarks will not be tolerated




Basic information, written and spoken, will be clearly communicated in as many languages as are necessary and possible. Bilingual/multilingual children and adults are an asset to the whole group.  Parents will be encouraged to speak to children in their first language at home. Children and parents who have English as a second or additional language will be valued and their languages recognised and respected.




Working in partnership with parents Little Crickets will aim to ensure that children’s medical, cultural and dietary needs are met.




Little Crickets will make every effort to ensure that the time, place and conduct of meetings enable the majority of parents to attend so that all families have an equal opportunity to be involved in and informed about the setting.




This policy will be reviewed annually by the Day Care Manager