January 2022

At little Crickets, we require parents and careers to pay their child'sfees in advance. Meals are not charged
until your child reaches 18 months old.
Fees are invoiced monthly in advance and the deadline for the payment is the 1st of that month.
Eligible three-year old’s will receive up to 30 hours free per week in the local authority set term times.
These hours will be deducted from their invoice in hours. Any extra hours over and above the 30 free
hours will be charged at the usual rate.
If a parent/ career fails to make a payment of fees their child will be refused entry to the nursery until the
fees are paid. When signing up for a place within our nursery all parents and carers sign a contract to
agree a pay of fees for 52 weeks of the year, in doing so they also agree to keep up with payments being
made and are aware that failure to pay fees will result in their child's nursery place being terminated and
the debt being collected.

Late pick up fees: £10.00 for the first 15 minutes, £5.00 per 15 minutes thereafter.



This policy will be reviewed annually by the manager.