January 2022

In the event of your child’s temperature reaching 38 degrees centigrade or above, you will be asked to
collect your child. In the meantime, staff will take steps to reduce their temperature by removing
clothing and offering cool drinks.

Calpol will only be administered if the child cannot be collected within an hour and if the emergency
medication form has been signed. If staff feel the child’s temperature has become dangerously high,
permission may be sought from you to administer Calpol within that hour.

As you are no doubt aware, a high temperature brings its own problems, e.g. febrile convulsions and for
this reason the original cause of the high temperature becomes irrelevant. It may also be a sign of a
more serious illness such as meningitis. Both of these conditions constitute a medical emergency which
is obviously a situation we would like to avoid.

If you feel that your child needs Calpol throughout the day to maintain a stable temperature then they
are probably too unwell to be at nursery and it would be advisable for them to be kept at home.

We are not able to give a sick child the attention they require over a long period of time as we have a
duty of care to all of the children who attend Little Crickets.

If your child has developed a high temperature while attending Little Crickets and you have been asked
to collect your child, your child will not be permitted to return to nursery within 24 hours after

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Day Care Manager