January 2022

Little Crickets operates a key person system to ensure that every child attending matters.

Key Person’s will:

• When a child begins to attend Little Crickets, they will be allocated a key person.
• This key person will be a member of staff who consistently works in the room that your child will
be in.
• The key person will communicate with the parent of the child and find out about the child’s
interests and characteristics.
• The key person will use the information they have to build a relationship with their key child and
the parents
• This key person will be responsible for relating the observations made on the child to planning
the next activities for the following week to help their key children move forward in their
development to the next steps.
• The key person will liaise with the other staff in their weekly meetings to ensure the needs of
their individual key children are met
• The key person will find ways to communicate with the parents of their
key children on a regular basis to ensure the children’s needs are met
and that the key person is moving the child forward
• The key person will make information about the curriculum available for
parents wishing to contribute to the child’s activities
• The key person will make individual appointments on the annual
consultation evening to speak with the parents about their key children’s
learning journeys and their development.
• The key person will help the child in their transition into the next room
and their next key person and finally their transition into school


This policy will be reviewed annually by the Day Care Manager