Mobile phone, Camera and Social networking

January 2021

We believe our staff should be completely attentive during their hours of working to ensure all children
in the nursery receive excellent quality care and education. This is why mobile phones are not to be used
during working hours.

We also feel that restrictions need to be placed on staff when they access social networking sites. The
nursery has a high reputation to upkeep and comments made on sites such as ‘Facebook’ could have an
impact on how parents using the nursery view the staff.

We ensure that any photographs or recordings taken of your children in our nursery are only done with
prior written permission from each child’s parent. This is gained when each child is registered and is
updated on a regular basis to ensure that this permission still stands.

Staff are not permitted to take photographs or recordings of a child on their own cameras, mobiles or
other devices and only use cameras provided by the nursery. The nursery manager will monitor all
photographs to ensure that the parent’s wishes are adhered to.

Parents are not permitted to use any recording device or camera (including those on mobile phones) on
the nursery premises without the prior consent of the manager.

Staff must adhere to the following:
• Mobile phones are to be turned on silent during your working hours and are not to be used in the
• Mobile phones can only be used on a designated break and then this must be away from the
• Mobile phones should be stored safely in staff lockers or staff room at all times during the hours
of your working day
• During outings, staff will use mobile phones belonging to the nursery. Photographs must not be
taken of the children on any phones, either personal or nursery owned

• Staff must not post anything onto social networking sites such as ‘Facebook’ that could be
construed to have any impact on the nursery’s reputation

• Staff must not post anything onto social networking sites that would offend any other member of
staff or parent using the nursery
• Staff must not accept or request friendships from parents on social networking sites .
• If any of the above points are not followed then the member of staff involved will face disciplinary
action, which could result in dismissal.

Parents and visitors use of mobile phones
• The nursery operates its own mobile usage policy in relation to staff and visitors to the premises.
Whilst we recognise that there may be emergency situations which necessitate the use of a
mobile telephone, in order to ensure the safety and welfare of children in our care, parents and
visitors are also kindly asked to refrain from using their mobile telephones whilst in the nursery
or when collecting or dropping off their children

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Day Care Manager