No Smoking Policy

January 2021

Aims of the Policy

• Provide a safe and healthy environment for the children in our care and for all staff, parents and
visitors to the setting.
• Comply with all of the requirements imposed by law
• Raise awareness of the dangers associated with tobacco smoke
• Guarantee the right of non-smokers to breathe air free from smoke

Restrictions on Smoking

• Smoking is not permitted on any premises, entrances, or grounds owned or rented by
Little Crickets Day Care.
• All employees must adhere to the Code of Conduct which states that staff must refrain
from smoking during their designated working hours. This restriction applies to all persons
entering the premises irrespective of your status or position or business with the
• All employees, visitors, contractors and deliverers are required to abide by the No
Smoking Policy.
• No Smoking signs must be displayed by the company in all of its premises.

Smoking on company premises constitutes an offence under the Health Act. In the unlikely event that
a member of staff does not comply with the companies No Smoking Policy, disciplinary action will be
taken in accordance with the company’s disciplinary policy.

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Day Care Manager