January 2022

It is our belief at Little Crickets Day Care that every child should be given opportunities to learn through
play and have opportunities to achieve their full potential. We want to see children enjoying themselves
and having fun is a crucial part of their enjoyment. Therefore, we will:

• Provide various recreational and educational activities and resources for children to use
freely as they choose
• Provide a schedule which children can follow which will help them to feel secure about their
time with us. Children will know what is coming next by following a visual time table and they
will also be able to choose which activities they prefer over others.
• Offer a themed structure to the children's activities to help them build on their existing knowledge
• Allow children to express their ideas and build on their own creations even if it means the
outcome is not idealistic
• Help to facilitate children's play and enhance their experiences
• Allow children to play for lengthy periods and offer support only if necessary
• Offer verbal feedback to parents about the topics children are discussing
• Use methods of planning, discussion and evaluation with the children to enable them to be
involved with the choice of topic and activity

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Day Care Manager.