January 2022

At Little Crickets Day Care, we aim to ensure that all children have enough sleep to support their
development and natural sleeping rhythms in a safe environment.

The safety of babies sleeping is paramount. We adopt a policy of practice recommended by The Cot Death
Society to minimise the risk of Sudden Infant Death. This includes:

Babies are placed on their backs to sleep, but when babies can easily turn over from the back to
the stomach, they can be allowed to adopt whatever position they prefer to sleep
Babies/toddlers will never be put down to sleep with a bottle to self-feed
Babies/toddlers will be monitored visually when sleeping.
When monitoring the staff member will look for the rise and fall of the chest, and if the sleep
position has changed.

We provide a safe sleeping environment by:


  • Monitoring the room temperatures

  • Using clean light bedding/blankets and ensuring babies are appropriately dressed for sleep to

  • avoid overheating

  • Only having Safety approved cots (or other suitable sleeping equipment, i.e. pods or mats) that

  • are compliant with British Standard regulations, and mattress covers are used in conjunction with

  • a clean fitted sheet

  • Not using cot bumpers or cluttering cots with soft toys, although comforters will be given where

  • required

  • Keeping all spaces around cots and beds clear from hanging objects i.e. hanging cords, blind cords,

  • drawstring bags

  • Ensuring each baby/toddler is provided with clean bedding

  • Should a baby fall asleep while being nursed by a practitioner they will be transferred to a safe

  • sleeping surface to complete their rest

  • Having a no smoking policy.

We recognise parents’ knowledge of their child in regards to sleep routines and will, where possible,
work together to ensure each child’s individual sleep routines and well-being continues to be met.
However, staff will not force a child to sleep or keep them awake against his or her will.

Staff will discuss any changes in sleep routines at the end of the day and share observations and
information about children’s behaviour when they do not receive enough sleep.


This policy will be reviewed annually by the Day Care Manager