Special Educational Needs Policy


January 2022


This provision is registered to receive Early Years Entitlement (EYE) therefore the policy is drawn up in
partnership with the Early Years Consultant for Inclusion, Learning and Development.
Little Crickets is committed to making our setting inclusive and accessible to all children and to making
sure that children can reach their full potential. All children have the right to the Early Years Foundation
Stage and all staff have a duty to meet the needs of all the children attending the setting.
We have regard for the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice (DfES 2001) on the early
identification and assessment of children with special educational needs. We have adopted the Early Years
Action and Early Years Action Plus model as outlined in the SEN Code of Practice.

Definition of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN):

“A child has special educational needs if they have a learning difficulty which calls for special educational
provision to be made for them”
A child has a learning difficulty if they:
Have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than most children of the same age
Have a disability, which prevents or hinders the child from making use of educational facilities of a kind
generally provided for children of the same age in schools within the area of the local educational
Are under five and fall within either of the two definitions above or would do if special educational
provision was not made for that child. (Education Act 1996)

We aim to foster an environment where all children are:

• Seen as children first
• Fully accepted and involved in all activities
• Encouraged and enabled to be as independent as possible
• Respected when care is of a private nature

To meet the needs of all children, including those with SEN, we consider the following issues:

• Access
• Activities (planning and differentiating these)
• Staffing levels - making sure these are adequate to meet a child’s needs
• Training of staff
• Resources and equipment
• Challenging stereotypes and promoting positive attitudes amongst all children and staff
• Individual programmes, monitoring of progress and record keeping

Little Crickets will endeavour to ensure that all children are treated with equal concern and respect and
encouraged to take part in the activities that are provided. We will assess the specific needs of every child
and take the relevant steps to adapt our facilities and activities to meet the needs of everyone.
Where a member of staff has concerns about the development of a child in one or more areas, this will
be discussed with the child’s parents/carers in order to decide on the best way to meet the child’s current
needs. If appropriate, an individual programme may be set up for the child, which will be reviewed on a
regular basis with parents.


Little Crickets will ensure that:

• The environment is suitable for disabled children and those with SEN;
• Staffing arrangements meet the needs of individual children;
• Our written policy is available to parents and is consistent with current legislation;
• Children with special educational needs and disabilities have equality of access to facilities,
activities and opportunities;
• Regular liaison takes place with parents and other professionals about the need for special
equipment/services for children.

The role of the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)
We have a named Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo). The SENCo is responsible for
monitoring the needs and progress of children with SEN. The SENCo will ensure that liaison takes place
with parents/carers and with appropriate professionals as well as ensuring that the setting is up to date
with current legislation and practice.

Our named SENCo’s are
Meliz Kileci

The SENCo’s are responsible for:
• Ensuring that staff members are aware of the procedure if they have a concern about a child.
• Attending appropriate training and sharing this with the staff group;
• Coordinating the provision for children with SEN within the setting.


The following members of staff have had SEN training:

Admissions arrangements:

• All children, including those with identified SEN are admitted to the setting following discussions
with parents/carers.

The policy will also need to address the following questions:

Partnership with Parents – how do we work with parents of children with SEN?
• Ensure access to Key Person/SENCo for regular discussions?
• Suggest strategies /activities for the child at home?

• Provide information on other support services (e.g. parent partnership)?
• Use information from parents’ support groups?
• Work with outside agencies or professionals in supporting children with SEN?
• Ensure confidentiality?
• Make arrangements for transitions?

We do not contact other professionals about a child without parental consent unless there are concerns
about child protection.

This policy has been adopted by Little Crickets Ltd

Signed on behalf of the setting by:

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Day Care Manager