January 2022

A high adult: child ratio is essential in providing excellent quality care and education.

At Little Crickets, we:

• We have at least the statutory ratios for the various age groups, for example, ages 0-2 years
require a ratio of one adult to three children, for ages 2-3 years a ratio of one adult to four is
required and for ages 3-5 a ratio of one adult to eight children is required and, where possible we
try to exceed this
• Weekly meeting on a Friday to discuss the following weeks planning and important events
• Regular 3 monthly whole staff meetings and monthly room meetings provide opportunities for
staff to undertake curriculum planning and to discuss the children’s progress and any difficulties
• We work towards an equal opportunities employment policy, seeking to offer job opportunities
equally to both women and men, with and without disabilities, from all religious, social, ethnic
and cultural groups
• Staff training meets all regulatory requirements. Staff hold or are working towards qualifications
at least appropriate for their position in the setting
• Regular in-service training is available to all staff, both paid and volunteer members through
various child care organisations, regular termly training schedules are followed and all staff are
given opportunities to further their professional development.
• Our setting’s budget includes allocation towards training costs
• We support the work of our staff and identify their ongoing training and development needs by
means of regular monitoring/appraisals
• We are committed to recruiting, appointing and employing staff in accordance with all relevant

Procedures for recruiting staff are:

* Devise a job description
* Advertise for staff
* Shortlist and send out appointment for interview
* Conduct interview
* Shortlist
* Check References and get CRB check underway
* Give Feedback
* Send out employment offer subject to 3-month trial period
* Carry out regular annual appraisals

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Day Care Manager