January 2022


The nursery is committed to ensuring that all children are fully protected from the dangers of too much
sun. Severe sunburn in childhood can lead to the development of malignant melanoma (the most
dangerous type of skin cancer) in later life.


We use the following procedures to keep children safe and healthy in the sun:
• Children must have a clearly named sun hat which will be worn at all times whilst outside in sunny
• Children must have their own high factor sun cream named and dated with prior written consent
for staff to apply. This enables children to have sun cream suitable for their own individual needs
• Children need light-weight cotton clothing suitable for the sun, with long sleeves and long legs if
prone to sunburn
• Children’s safety outside in the sun is the nursery’s prime objective so staff will work closely with
parents to ensure all appropriate cream and clothing is provided
• Children will always have sun cream applied before going outside in the sun and at frequent
intervals during the day
• Children are made aware of the need for sun hats, sun cream and the need to drink more fluids
during their time in the sun
• Staff will make day-to-day decisions about the length of time spent outside dependent on the
strength of the sun
• Shade will be provided in the form of a Sail and sun shades to ensure children are able to cool
down or escape the sun should they wish or need to

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Day Care Manager