Supervisions Policy

January 2022

As part of our culture of safeguarding and continuous improvement we implement supervisions for all
our staff following their induction and probation period.

Supervisions provide staff with the opportunity to:

  • Discuss any issues – particularly concerning children’s development or well-being; Identify solutions to address issues as they arise

  • Receive coaching to improve their personal effectiveness.

Where staff are struggling to identify areas to discuss in a supervision we will ask them to identify three
things they have enjoyed about their job since the last supervision and one thing they have least enjoyed.

There may be times when supervisions may be increased for members of the team as and when needed,
i.e. when going through personal circumstances at home, for new starters, staff returning after long-term
illness, on request from staff.

It is the responsibility of the manager to plan time to ensure that all staff have supervisions. At Little
Crickets Day Care, supervisions are carried out by the manager and deputy If for any reason a supervision
is cancelled a new date will be rearranged within 7 days.

Supervision forms also include a declaration for members of staff to declare any criminal offences since
last DBS or reason for incapability to work with children.

It is each member of staff’s responsibility to ensure that they are available for supervision meetings or
support and that the necessary paperwork is complete. Information shared in supervision sessions is

The supervision process will be evaluated once/twice a year through staff feedback.

This policy will be reviewed annually by the Day Care Manager