The benefits of Funded Education for 2-5 Year Old

Children absorb their surroundings and learn at such a fast rate between the ages of 1-5 years. It is such a crucial time within their development which moulds them into the young individuals that they will become. Little Crickets encourages a holistic development. This approach aims to build a solid foundation for children’s emotional, social, physical and mental development that will prepare children with crucial life skills.

With this in mind, studies have revealed that there are vast benefits of sending children to school and day-care settings at an early age. The benefits of early education include building children’s social skills, negotiating, reasoning and sharing. Children learn to value and respect one and other which are skills they will learn naturally in an environment that they share with other children. Alongside this, they develop skills such as team work and the importance of individuality. Day by day, you can see children in daycare settings becoming more confident. They learn to separate from their adult and build new relationships, they learn to be independent and make their own choices.

In a daycare setting, children also develop their concentration during activities such as circle time and focused-led activities. In the UK, children in daycare settings are encouraged to learn in a way that is most effective for them at that particular age - and that is through play. At little Crickets we abide by the 4 learning areas - Mathematics, Literacy, Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World. As well as the three prime areas which is Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development and communication and Learning.

The funded education is great system for parents too. It allows parents the freedom to return to work and develop their careers. According to ‘Parents are eligible for more than £8,000 in childcare support’. It is a fantastic revolution in equal opportunities. The statistics quoted by state: ‘There are 14.4 million women in work today - up 60% since the early 1970s. Around two-thirds of mothers in the UK now work’. Childcare no longer holds women back from re-entering the workforce. At Little Crickets, We also have a lovely café adjacent to the daycare. Parents can grab a coffee, use the free WIFI, look out to the beautiful surroundings and relax or catch up with some work. Overall, we are really delighted to be a part of this scheme and offer the 15-30 hours funded education for children from the ages of 2-5 years. So please take the opportunity to apply for the funded education, and don’t let your child miss out on a once-in- a- lifetime opportunity!

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